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The following morning I was discharged and sent to school. I got so many people asking questions about my bandages.

"I am not about to kill myself." I said for the third time, as I was called to the teacher's desk.  

"Alexandria, I know the things you're going through. Suicide is not the answer." Mr. Martin started.

"No offense, but I've never wanted to kill myself. Ok, maybe once in sixth grade, but everyone has at some point in time." I said, as a hand began to rub my back. "Who?" I spun to see Jace standing behind me. "You, oh, continue." I said turning back to Martin.

"Alexandria, I realize that senior year is a relax year for many. You chose to keep up with everything and you have six advanced level classes. If you ever need to talk." He handed me a card that had his cell phone and home number on it. "Call me."

Every teacher reacted the same way. LT Col., however, sat me down with Jace and four of the battalion staff members, Kyle Rogers, Zac Collins, Steven Baker, and Nicole Smolka.

"Mason, look, suicide…" Rogers began.

"Is not the answer… I've heard this speech too many times today. Please, Rogers, everybody, spare me. I am not, not now, not ever, going to try to kill myself. Ok, is that all you need to hear?" I asked, looking at Lt Col.

"Alexandria, we all care about you. You're family to us." Smolka said, handing me a card. "If you ever need to talk. Call either one of us."

"Thanks." I turned from her and placed the card in my pocket. "Kyle, you've known me since kindergarten, have I ever shown any kind of suicidal thoughts or actions?"

"No, Alexandria, but you hide everything well. We're only looking out for you." Rogers said, standing up and crossing the room. "Now, let's get back to our battalion." Rogers gave me a hug. Smolka followed him. Baker and Collins just walked out.

"Mayes, excuse us for a minute." LT Col. asked.

"Aye, aye sir." He said, snapping to attention.

"Jace, wait for me." I whispered.

"Relax, Mi Amor," he whispered in my ear, smiling at me. I nodded as he walked out of the room.  

"Mason, I know you too well. Are you sure there's nothing bothering you?"

"Sir, I'll tell you the truth." I began my story, stopping only to breathe.

"So you didn't do this to yourself?" he asked.

"No, sir. I didn't, I wouldn't." I reassured him. "That's where Jace comes in, sort of."

"What do you mean?"

"As you know, Jace is a cop. The sheriff has him protecting me. While he was doing that, I think we kinda fell for each other." I explained, turning bright red.

A knock interrupted. "Come in." LT Col. said.

"Sir, Gabriella Fira, Cairi Harrison, Alera St. Andrew, Shirley Phillips, Serena Edwards, and Jillian DeNicola, here to kidnap Alexandria Mason, so she can drive us home, sir." Gabby said as she, Alera, Cairi, Shirley, Serena, Jillian, and Jace entered. "Oh and Jace is here too." she added as an afterthought. I had to fight to keep a straight face that was a very Jillian thing.

"Mason, I want to finish talking to you tomorrow morning, 0810." LT Col said, dismissing us.

"TRADITION, HONOR, PRIDE, OHH–RAH!!!" Alera, Jace, and I chanted.

By the end of the week, it was across school that I was under 'Suicide Watch'. Jillian walked up to me before school started, that Friday. "Hey, did you know that everybody knows about the whole Suicide Watch thing? Let me know if anyone says anything to you, cause you know I'll kick their asses." She said dropping her stuff next to mine.

"Thanks, I'll remember that." I said hugging her. "We have that senior class meeting today during first, right?"

"Si, we'll meet up here and sit together." Jillian said.

"Ok, tell everybody the same." The bell rang and we separated. "Teachers, please release all seniors to the senior class meeting." Mr. Novelli said. Our group sat in the far corner of the gym, talking amongst ourselves. I sat quietly, typing on my laptop and listening to other people's conversations, outside of our group, when I heard:

"Yeah, that's her. Alex Mason, she tried to kill herself," a girl said to her friend, not too far from me.


"No one knows."

Gabby paused, setting down her book on my lap, and went over to them. "I know why." She said sitting down. She obviously heard them too.

"Why?" the group leaned into her, they wanted to know how she knew.

"Because people like you are idiots and she couldn't stand it anymore. Shut up or deal with me. You're choice." She said returning to sit next to me.

"Whatever." They said, turning back to the class president, who was speaking.

"Don't worry about them, Alex, they know nothing." Gabby said loud enough for them to hear her. I nodded and turned back to my laptop. About ten minutes passed and I heard some others talking about me.

"Does any one have anything else to add?" The class president asked.

"I do." Everybody turned to look at me as I stood and walked down the bleachers. I ignored all of my friends who tried to stop me. I walked to the mike and began. "Hello, for all of those who don't know me, I am Alexandria Mason." I paused and looked at my friends. Gabby was on her feet and halfway down the bleacher, followed by Jace, Jillian, Serena, Cairi, Shirley, and Alera. "For those of you who don't know, I am currently on the local sheriff's, 'Suicide Watch List'. Let me tell you all one thing. I have never wanted to kill myself, NEVER." The mike cut out and I raised my voice to a scream, just so they could hear me. "I can't tell you people what really happened, because I don't know. All I know is that I didn't put thirty stitches on my face. I didn't want a SCAR running down my face." As I said this, I began pealing the bandages off my face, revealing it. Some screamed and others gasped.

"Lex, stop." Gabby came up next to me, pulling me into her arms. "You have nothing to prove."

"Yes, Gabbs, I do. For four years, I have lived with the taunts of these people. Some have been taunting me since kindergarten. Enough is enough. They will never understand what kind of hell they put me through." I heard shuffling behind me and several people walk up to me.

"Miss Mason, you need to come with us now." Officer Burmer said, as I turned to face her.

"Why?" I asked, just then noticing I was still clinging to Gabby.

"Follow me or I will be forced to subdue you." She warned. My eyes flicked to her handcuffs and stun gun, both of which she had been known to use.  

"She will be staying with me." Jace said, flashing his badge. "She is under my protection and the protection of the sheriff." Jace threw his arm over me and ushered me out of the gym. The intercom blared and Novelli announced that the seniors were on their way back to class. "Guys, don't be late to class. Go, I'll be fine."

"Yeah, see all of you later." Gabby said, sitting down next to me.

"Gabriella, you have to go to class." Jace urged. "I'll take Alexandria to class."

"I'll take Lex home. Later, Jace." Gabby shooed him away, using her nickname for me.

"Gabbs, you and Jace will take me home." I said, trying to get them to remember that I was there.

"Ok, Jace follow us in your car." Gabby organized as best she could.

"Fine." Jace agreed, as he helped me to my feet.

"Where are you three headed?" A dean asked as he walked up to us.

"Home." Jace said, shortly, pushing past him.

"No, you three are headed for…" The dean began before cutting himself off. "Miss Mason, are you feeling well?"

"No, she's not. I'm driving her home and Jace is going to follow so we can come back to school, sir." Gabby said, taking my arm. "If you will excuse us." She began to walk away.

"Gabby, I can't feel my legs." I whimpered. A panic attack set in, my legs going numb.

"Alex, are you ok?" Jace said, overhearing me.

"No, she's not. She's having a panic attack. Help me." Gabby and Jace began to carry me to my truck. Twenty minuets later, I lay sprawled on my bed, nearly asleep. Gabby sat reading next to me as Jace sat across the room, closely watched by Dad.

"Sir, with Gabriella here, I'm not likely to try anything." Jace assured him. "Trust Gabriella and trust me."

"Gabriella, can you keep him in check?" my dad asked, making me laugh silently.

"Yes, sir." Gabby nodded. "If he gets out of hand, I'll call you."

"Ok, just keep an eye on her." he said as he bent over my head and kissed my cheek. "Night, little one."

"Night, dad." I said, opening my eyes and smiling.

"Night." he said again, walking out the door.

"Wow, he is really overprotective." Jace said, as he shut the door.

"Well, I am the youngest in the house."

"And I think this whole stalker breaking in and slicing you open, may have something to do with it." Gabby said, adjusting herself, so that my head was on her lap. She began absent-mindedly rubbing my head. I groaned in reply. "Lex, you need sleep. Just sleep." Gabby said, the rhythm of her rubbing sent me to a peaceful sleep.
The Future Is Dark: Prologue Part 4

This is the story that I have been writing since I was in 11th grade. I went thru and edited the horrible spelling, the grammar, ect. Whats really cool about this story is that I actually dreamed up most of it, before I even met the people in the dream. Each character is based on a person that I was friends with in 11th grade. This needs a new name... so if anyone thinks of one... that would be great!
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