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<'Hello dear.' The voice called. 'Alexandria, your life will end at my hand. Your blood will stain the halls of Lakeshore High. Bow to death.' His figure appeared in front of me, smiling evilly. His face contorted into that of a demon, this time with horns and a forked tongue. Fiery letters appeared next to his face: R.I.P. he waved his hand toward me and I felt a burning sensation.

'I will not. I will never bow to death.' I screamed, sweat poured down my face, stinging the side of my face. I wiped my face and my hand came back bloody. 'What did you do to me?'

His cold voice mocked me. 'Jace can't help you. He can't hide you from me. No one can help you. Especially not the blue-haired one or the redhead…'>

"Alex, wake up." my mom's voice echoed in my head. "Alexandria! Wake up, your going to be late."

"I'm up, ugh, I'll be out soon." I called, walking into my bathroom. Upon seeing my reflection in the mirror I screamed. Blood was trailing down my face. A long slender cut ran from the corner of my eyebrow to my chin, following the curve of my face. A banging at the bathroom door answered my scream.

"What's wrong?" my father's voice asked through the door. "Alex, are you ok?"

"I think I need to go to the E.R." I said, almost a whisper.

"What? Baby-girl, speak up, or I'm coming in." mom said.

"Come in." I said, opening the door. "I said I think I need to go to the E.R." I looked at my parents.

"Baby-girl, sit down, I'm going to call ahead. Here's your cell phone, call Jillian and tell her you won't be in school this morning. Possibly this afternoon, but not this morning." My step-dad handed me my cell and I dialed Gabby.

<Over The Phone>
"Hey Gabbs." I said, pressing a clean towel onto my face.
"What's up?"
"I'm on my way to the hospital. I think I may have fallen out of my bed some time during the night and cut my face open. Let Jace know where I am."
"Are you going to be ok, Lex?" Her voice showed very serious concern.
I paused. "Yeah, I think so." I could hear a voice fighting with Gabby's.
"Alex, what's going on?" Jillian stole Gabby's phone.
"Jillian, calm down, I don't think it's major. I'll probably be in class later today. Calm down."
"You better be." She said, handing the phone back to Gabby.
"Sorry, she stole it."
"It's all good. Hey, I have to go; we're leaving. Later."
"Be safe, be well, Lex."

"Alexandria, get in the truck. The hospital has a bed open for you now." Dad said, helping me into the truck. Eight and a half hours later, they still hadn't figured out how it happened.

"Are you positive that you didn't do this yourself?" One doctor asked. "There were shards of glass in the wound."

"I wouldn't cut myself, especially not my face. I'm not stupid." I answered, much to the dismay of my parents. "Especially not with glass."

"Alexandria, stop being a brat." My step dad argued. "Doctor, my daughter would never harm herself. She has too much in store for her."

"Sir, I'm not trying to say she did it herself, to hurt herself. I'm merely covering all the bases. Rest assured I have to ask these questions, whether or not they are true. Please let me finish." The doctor pleaded. "Have you ever felt overwhelmed?"

"I'm in six advanced level classes and one college class, of course I have, but again, I would never do this." The questioning went on and on, until Jillian by Within Temptation rang from my phone.
"Sorry. I have to take this." I said as I grabbed my phone and rushed from the room. "Hello?"

<Over The Phone>
"Where are you? School let out an hour ago." Jillian yelled into the phone.
"Girl, they put me in the Psych ward for a holding period. They think I did this to myself."
"Did you know that your window's broken?"
"What?" I was totally confused.
"Your bedroom window, it's broken."
"How did you know that?"
"I'm at your house," she answered, simply.
"Call the cops, tell them what you told me. Make sure they dust for prints and look for blood."
"Blood, why blood?"
"Jillian, I didn't do this to myself and cause myself to get stitches. Maybe whoever did left the weapon in my room."
"Damn, you're good." Jillian said. "Yeah I'll call them now. Oh I told Mr. M where you were, he wishes you well."
"What did you tell him?"
"That you were sick."
"Oh, ok, then I get to explain the thirty stitches in my face." I snapped.
"Thirty? Damn girl you killed my record of six." Jillian giggled, as I heard a page over the PA, for me.
"Thanks. I have to go. They are looking for me. UGH damn Psych Ward."
"I'll swing by soon. Later."
"Later." I hung up the phone and walked back to my room.

"Alexandria, where have you been?"

"On the phone." I snapped as the questioning began again. Two hours later, I heard a knock at the door. "What now?" I snapped as I turned toward the door.

"Fine we'll go home." Gabby said as she, Jillian, Serena, Alera, Shirley and Cairi came in.

"Finally, it's about time you people got here. What took you so long?" I picked on them. "Ok, so what happened at school?"

"Well, Alera got into a fight. Mr. M thinks you're sick, Jace went insane because you weren't there, and they found six sets of fingerprints on your window." Jillian rattled off as I gave everybody a hug.

"Six sets?"

"Yeah. Yours, Jillian's, Gabby's, Alera's, mine, and an unknown. The cops won't tell me anymore than that. Sorry." Cairi apologized.

"Don't be. Thanks. Wait, what was your fight about?" I asked.

"You." Alera said, noncommittally.

"Wait, me? What about me?"

"I was defending you. Someone said that you were insane and I said you weren't. The kid pushed me and I swung." Alera explained.  


"You owe me. I got suspended." Alera giggled.

"Any thing of your choice." I informed.

"So thirty stitches?" Jillian asked.

"Non aliquis incipit convivium sine nobis, Nos sumus convivium!" I said, in Latin.

"What the hell does that mean, Lex?" Gabby asked.

"No one starts a party without us, cause we are the party." I explained, laughing. Our conversation went on for an hour, until a doctor came in and shooed them away. "They aren't bothering me, in fact they're keeping me sane." I explained, hoping the doctor would let them stay.

"One of them can stay, the others have to go home." The doctor said heading back into the hallway.

"Who wants to stay?" I joked.

"I am." A voice from the doorway said. I turned to it and saw Jace. His hair beyond its normal, messy nature, his eyes lacked their normal vividness.  

"Jace, I heard you freaked." I said as he crossed to my bed.

"Yeah, I did. Everybody, can you give me a second?" Jace asked, motioning for the door. "The cops also found blood in your room. Two different blood samples. Yours and an unknown male with seven alleles in common, a brother. Do you have a brother?"

"Yeah. Scott Jr., Matthew, and Luke are my stepfather's kids."

"Biological brothers?"

"Only Branson, but he's never around anymore." I said.

"Branson Mason. What's his middle name?"


"Branson Russell?" Jace put the pieces together. "Where's Branson now?"

"I have no idea. He's four years older than I am." I shrugged. "I think he graduates from college this spring." I paused. "Wait, you don't think my own brother would do this to me?"

"It's possible. I'm going to check on that tomorrow. Tonight, however, I'm staying here to make sure he doesn't pay you a visit." Jace went to the door and gave Jillian his keys. "Bring my car back in one piece tomorrow." I heard him say.

"Bye, Alex." The girls called from the hall, Gabby seemed to be the only one who didn't want to leave my side. Jillian protested saying that she was a good driver and that she didn't want to leave us alone. The others dragged her away, laughing.  

"Later!" I called after them. "What would he have to gain?"

"That's a question you would have to ask him. Anyway, what's on TV?" he asked, pushing me over in the bed and sitting next to me. "I'm bored." he clicked the TV on and began to flip channels.

"Jace?" I asked.

"Yes?" He said as he looked over at me.

"Two things. First, you're crushing me. Second, what do you think about what Brooks telling Lt. Col. that we were going out?" I asked, turning bright red.

"Well, I kinda like the idea." He blushed. "Will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Go out with me?"

"Um… ok." I said as he kissed my forehead. "Jace… you're still crushing me." We both bust out laughing.

"Sorry…" He said as he removed himself from my bed.

"Excuse me." The door opened to reveal a nurse. "You two are going to have to keep it down," she scolded.

"Sorry." I recovered first. "We're both really sorry." The nurse nodded and walked back out the door, leaving the two of us alone. Maybe Jillian was right and we shouldn't have been alone. "I guess we have to be really quiet."

"I guess so."

I looked out the window, the full moon in view, and sighed. "Id quod factum est; infectum esse potest." My Latin kicked in again. "O Mater Luna, Regina nocis, adiuvo me nunc."

"What does that mean?"

"O Mother Moon, Queen of the Night, Help me now." I answered. "I remember it from a book I read. Daughters of the Moon."  

"You read too much." Jace said smiling at me. "The first?"

"What has been done, can be undone." I blushed.
The Future Is Dark: Prologue Part 3

This is the story that I have been writing since I was in 11th grade. I went thru and edited the horrible spelling, the grammar, ect. Whats really cool about this story is that I actually dreamed up most of it, before I even met the people in the dream. Each character is based on a person that I was friends with in 11th grade. This needs a new name... so if anyone thinks of one... that would be great!
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