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"Alex… Alex…Look Out!" Jillian's voice sounded, but I didn't listen.

"Miss Mason!" I snapped out of my daydream to find my Forensic Science classroom destroyed, most of the students picking themselves off the floor. "Miss Mason, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I have no idea." I spoke quietly as I looked down, inspecting my shoes. "I'm sorry, sir."

"Were you paying attention?" Mr. M asked.

"I was. I…"

"If you can't pay attention during class, I will send you to the deans. Do you understand?" He lectured. "Clean up this mess and sit in the back of the class."

"Wow, Alex, you really need to pay attention." Jose joked. "What's up with you lately?"

"Distracted." I said, between huffs. I heard the door open and close. "Excuse me, I'm new here." I heard a deep voice say to me.

"The teacher's over there." I said, not looking up, pointing to Mr. M.

"Actually I'm looking for Alexandria Mason, do you know who she is?" He asked.

My head bolted up. "Who's asking?"

"That was rude, Trouble." Smacking the back of my head, Jillian smirked at the new comer. "Hi, I'm Jillian."

"Jacob Mayes."

"Jose Rosario." Jose said, helping me clean up.

"Wait, you're Jacob Mayes?" I asked.

"I prefer Jace. Wait, you know me?" Jace asked.

"Maybe. Can we talk privately?" I hinted.

"Yeah, sure. Jillian, Jose, will you two excuse us?"

"Brooks sent you to watch over me, right?" I glanced into his startling greenish–blue eyes. His messy dirty blonde hair stuck out at odd angles.

"Yeah, but you weren't supposed to know." Jace explained, running his fingers through it.

"Brooks told me and Gabby. Why are you here so late? It's been two weeks." I spoke up.

"I had to go before the school board and petition to go to school armed." He said, flashing his holster at me.

"Nine mil or glock?" I asked.

"Nine mil, but you can't tell anyone. I have a permit as long as I keep it concealed. Oh and Lt. Col. kept me late yesterday. I was getting my assignment for the next few weeks and he wanted to make sure I was doing everything Brooks wants me to. He is the only teacher that knows who I really am." He paused and blushed. "By the way, Brooks told everyone we were going out."

"He did what?!" I yelled, catching everyone's attention.

"Excuse me, there will be no visitors during this class. Who are you?" Mr. M asked.

"Sir, my apologizes. Alexandria is my student advisor. I transferred from Spruce Lake. Principle Novelli sent me to class without a proper intro."

"Welcome to Lakeshore High and Forensic Science. I'm your teacher, Mr. M. I assume you're a senior, so you'll only be here for one more month. Alexandria, get him acquainted to the school and welcome him properly." he waved me off.

"He's in all of my classes, he can follow me around for a while." I said grabbing his schedule.

"Let me see that." Jillian grabbed the schedule. "AP Psych; Forensic Science; Personal Fitness; Naval Science 4; English IV Honors; Advanced Topics in Math; Spanish 2. Damn, she's right, all of her classes."

"Guidance set it up that way. Anyway, the bell is about to ring. Jillian where do you go next?"

"Sociology. I'm a bit of a geek." Jillian said just as the bell rang. "See you in Math."

"Ok, so here we are. Personal Fitness." I said sitting down at an empty desk.

"We have a new student, Mr. Jace Mayes. Welcome." The teacher said, handing him a packet of papers. The rest of the day passed quickly, I was still downright pissed. It didn't get better.

"Alex, I have to follow you home. Just to make sure you get there alright." Jace said, trying to hide his smile.

"Whatever." I said hopping into my truck.

Two weeks past, a routine building up, and my resentment for Jace diminishing. With Finals, AP exams, and all of the planning for Graduation, life was becoming hectic. I actually got home one night, I fell asleep doing my Forensic Science homework. Jillian would be so upset with me. My dream followed a similar pattern, with one major difference.
The Future Is Dark: Prologue Part 2

This is the story that I have been writing since I was in 11th grade. I went thru and edited the horrible spelling, the grammar, ect. Whats really cool about this story is that I actually dreamed up most of it, before I even met the people in the dream. Each character is based on a person that I was friends with in 11th grade. This needs a new name... so if anyone thinks of one... that would be great!
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