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<'Hello.' The voice called. It had been haunting my dreams for almost three months. 'Alexandria, you will be mine, your life will end at my hand. Your blood will run down my hands. Bow to death.' His figure appeared in front of me, smiling evilly. His face contorted into that of a demon. Fiery letters appeared next to his face: R.I.P.

'I will not. I will never bow to death.' I screamed, sweat pouring down my face.>

BUZZZZZZ. The bell rang.

"What now?" I snapped out of my dream, to find that the classroom had been nearly abandoned. Only Gabriella, a.k.a. Gabby, the class brain and one of my best friends, stood, waiting for me at the door.

"Lex, class is over, you can wake up now." Gabby teased. "You didn't sleep last night did you?"

"Nope." I said, standing and shoving my binder in my backpack.

"Night terrors again?" she looked concerned.

"Yep." I said as I threw my backpack over my shoulder.

"Ever gonna answer in more than one word?"

"No way…oops." Sheer exhaustion overcame me and we both collapsed laughing. Mr. Michete, the intern, stood at the white board laughing at us both.

"Hey chicas, you two are gonna be late." My friend Jillian, blue streaks throughout her hair (she could never pick one color to highlight her hair. To top that, she could never choose a single length either, it had bounced from long to short since I had met her sophomore year), said as she shook herself off. "By the way, it's raining."

"Great, when did it start that?" Gabby complained. She happened to be wearing a white shirt. It seemed like every time it rained, she was wearing a white shirt.

"About ten minutes ago. You two are gonna be late, for the second time." Jillian looked pissed off.

"Alright already, we're going. Jillian, I'll take you home. Hasta luego, chica."

"Hasta luego." She said shoving Gabby and I out into the rain. Seventh period, Spanish 2, went too slow. The final bell rang and I ran out to my truck. Rain still poured from the darkened sky. I drove around to pick Jillian, Gabby, and another one of our friends, Serena, up from under the awning. "So, can you believe that there are only six weeks until graduation?" Jillian asked.

"High school went too fast." Gabby agreed.

"What colleges are you three going to go to?" I asked.

"Colorado State." They all said.

"Wait, all seven of us are going to Colorado State?"

"Cairi told you what college she is going to?" Jillian asked, stunned.

"Yeah, I have my ways…" I said, trying to be secretive.

"Eternal servitude?" Jillian asked unconvinced.

"Wow, you two really are twins." I smiled. "Any ideas on how that happened?"

"We aren't sure, but I swear if I end up living with you six, I am gonna go crazy." Gabby said, laughing.

"Me drive you crazy?" I asked, looking from the road to Gabby to Jillian and back. "I hope she is talking about you all. I don't drive people insane."

Jillian laughed as my cell phone rang. "Yeah, sure you don't, Alex. You cart them there by the dump truck load." The four of us couldn't stop laughing.

"Hang on guys." I said, as I picked up my phone. "Hello?"

***<Over The Phone>
"Alexandria Mason?" The voice said.
"Yeah, what's up?"
"This is Sheriff Michael Brooks, I need to speak with you as soon as possible."
"What is this about?"
"I can't discuss it over the phone, come to the Sheriff's office in a half an hour."
"Yes, sir." I said as I hung up. ***

"Ok, that was weird. Jillian, I am dropping you and Serena off first." I said turning onto Jillian's street.

"Lex, what's wrong." Gabby asked.

"Nothing, I just remembered I have a meeting for the Prom Committee and you have to go too." I said looking at Gabby, pleading for her to agree.

"Oh, yeah. Shit." Gabby said covering up for me.

"Ok, have fun you two." Jillian said as she and Serena got out.

As they shut the door, Gabby turned on me. "Prom Committee meets in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today is Friday. What's going on? Alexandria Cameron Mason, don't lie to me."

"That phone call, that was the sheriff. He said he needs to talk to me. I can't go alone." I pleaded, silently wishing for her to come with me.

"Ok, when do you have to meet him?"


"I guess that means I'm coming with?"

"Only if you want to."

"Just drive." she said shortly.

Twenty minutes later I sat in front of the sheriff, Gabby next to me.

"Miss Mason, we think that you're being followed." The sheriff paused. "You need to be really careful for the next few days. This person may attack you. We need you to be sure to be aware of your surroundings. We will have one of our agents follow you at school. However you can't go off by yourself. You may want to read this," he said passing me a piece of paper.

@@'Dearest Alexandria, you were so beautiful this morning, I loved that shirt on you. Black is your color. Soon you will be mine. No matter how much you fight it, you will be at my mercy. You belong to me, and I will have what is mine. Trust in the fact that no one can save you from me. You will bend to my will. Your blood will be mine.
I love you my Angel,
Rest In Pieces,

"How did you get this?" I choked out. I recognized the initials.

"We received it from your father. He was suspicious of it." The sheriff said as he stood and began to pace. "Alexandria, do you know anyone with the initials of 'B.R.'?"

"B.R.… Brian Russell and Brant Randall." I recited. "Brant wouldn't do this and Brian doesn't know me, he's a sophomore. Serena knows him."

"Now, if you can think of anyone with those initials, let me know." The sheriff handed me a card with his phone number on it. "You're going to be shadowed at school by one of our younger agents. His name is Jacob Mayes; he'll be in all of your classes. If you need anything please call him or me."

"Great. Lex let's go. You need sleep." Gabby stood and dragged me up with her. "Have a good day, Sheriff Brooks."
The Future Is Dark: Prologue Part 1

This is the story that I have been writing since I was in 11th grade. I went thru and edited the horrible spelling, the grammar, ect. Whats really cool about this story is that I actually dreamed up most of it, before I even met the people in the dream. Each character is based on a person that I was friends with in 11th grade. This needs a new name... so if anyone thinks of one... that would be great!
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