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Calling For Help

Lights fading fast
Can't hold on
Don't understand

Caught in an undertow
Drowning in darkness
The darkness of the heart

Can't call for help
No one hears

All my fears
Swarm to life
Creating my end
My demise

I can't keep going
Now that they know
They'll never forgive
Only forget

Can't keep my mask on
Afraid to take it off

No other way out
Tired of living
Never wanted to die
Only wanted to live

Death unwanted
Life Unlivable
Between it all
You will find me

I call for help
No one comes

I've tried to live
Now I cant believe
I have only one choice
Only one-way out

My way out
Begins today

To die alone
In Pieces

Never whole again
Never remembered

Can't call for help,
No one hears.
I wrote this spring of senior year of high school, (2009). Had alot going on, and was really depressed.
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June 9, 2011
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